Car Maintenance Tips for Beginners

a shiny new car

If it is your first car after months of saving, things can get exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You can finally drive around the neighborhood to show your new asset to your neighbors, but you also need to think about keeping your vehicle in good shape always. It can be such a dilemma when you do not want to scratch the car, but you still need it to take you to your workplace. Thus, car maintenance is the answer to your problem. However, it does not automatically eliminate all your issues, especially when you know you have zero knowledge when it comes to car maintenance.

Taking your vehicle to the nearest service center might be an option, but it still does not solve anything if you know nothing about the matter. This article discusses things you should do to take care of your asset. Although when you know the mechanics know better, it is still advisable to understand the things below.

a mechanic working on a car

Engine Fluids

The first thing to check is the engine fluids. It is one essential part of a vehicle, and without it, the engines will easily break down. The fluids serve to reduce the heat when the engines are working. Besides, the sticky and thick liquids also ensure the constant friction does not end up breaking the system. For that reason, it is vital to check the fluids, and it should be the first thing to check. Another fluid that you should also check is the coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. All these parts play their role in making sure you can drive comfortably and safely. One tip for you is that you should never change the liquid yourself if you know nothing about it. Leaving it in the hands of professionals is still the best option.

Wipers and Windshield

The next parts to check are the wipers and windshield. These are another essential part of a vehicle to protect you from external threats, such as road elements and weather. Therefore, it is crucial to keep these parts well-maintained. A quality windshield is the one that can protect you from external impacts, and wipers will do their job to clear up the glass for you to see.


These parts are vital if you are more of a night driver. Not only do they will show you the way, but they can also make emergency signals whenever you are in trouble. For that reason, it is advisable to check the quality of each light and change the bulbs regularly.…